Principal Investigator

Bart M. Bartlett

Associate Professor of Chemistry

Hometown: St. Louis, MO
Chemistry Debut: 1996

Washington University in St. Louis A.B. summa cum laude, Chemistry 2000
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Ph.D. Inorganic Chemistry 2005
University of California, Berkeley UC President's Postdoctoral Fellow 2008

Graduate Students

James J. Brancho

4th year inorganic student

Hometown: Canonsburg, PA
Chemistry Debut: 2007

Duquesne University B.S. magna cum laude, Chemistry 2011

Research Project: Synthesis of bulk heterojunction tungstates and alloys for solar water oxidation

Adam J. Crowe

1st year inorganic chemistry student

Hometown: Sterling Heights, MI
Chemistry Debut: 2010

Wayne State University B.S. summa cum laude, Biochemistry 2014

Research Project: Chemical synthesis and electrochemical characterization of stable electrolytes for multivalent Mg2+-ion batteries

Samuel L. Esarey

2nd year materials chemistry student

Hometown: Blairsville, PA
Chemistry Debut: 2009

Denison University B.S. cum laude, Chemistry 2013

Research Project: Synthesis of tandem molecular/solid-state architectures for photocatalytic water oxidation

Charles R. Lhermitte

4th year inorganic chemistry student

Hometown: Miami, FL
Chemistry Debut: 2007

University of Miami B.S. Chemistry 2011

Research Project: Microscale architectures for improving photoelectrochemical water oxidation on tungstate materials

Aaron D. Proctor

1st year materials chemistry student

Hometown: Springfield, MO
Chemistry Debut: 2008

Missouri State University B.S. summa cum laude, Chemistry 2012
Missouri State University M.S., Chemistry 2014

Research Project: Photoelectrochemical oxidation reactions of organic substrates on metal oxide semiconductors

Postdoctoral Fellow  

Dillip K. Panda

UM Energy Institute Postdoctoral Fellow

Hometown: Balasore, India
Chemistry Debut: 1995

Utkal University (Orissa, India) B.S., Chemistry with Honors 1998
Sambalpur University (Orissa, India) M.S., Chemistry 2002
University of Wollongong (Australia) Ph.D., Chemistry 2011
Florida State University Postdoctoral Research Fellow 2015

Research Project: Design, synthesis, and testing of perovskite-based hybrid organic-inorganic solar cells

Rotation Students  






Group Alumni and Old Group Photos  

Former Ph.D. Students
Dr. Tanya M. Breault Ph.D. Chemistry, 2013 Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Michigan
Dr. Xiaoguang Hao Ph.D. Chemistry, 2014 Research Associate at Nissan North America, Farmington Hills, MI
Dr. Benjamin M. Klepser Ph.D. Chemistry, 2015 Research Fellow at BASF Chemical Company
Dr. Emily G. Nelson Ph.D. Chemistry, 2015  
Dr. Kayla J. Pyper Ph.D. Chemistry, 2015  
Dr. Joseph E. Yourey Ph.D. Chemistry, 2014 Research Scientist at DuPont Chemical Company, Wilmington, DE
Former Postdoctoral Scholars
Dr. Vinodkumar Etacheri UMEI PISET Postdoctoral Fellow, 2013 Postdoctoral Fellow at Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN
Dr. Andrea Geyer Postdoctoral Fellow, 2010 Assistant Professor, University of Saint Francis, Ft. Wayne, IN
Dr. Yenting Kuo UMEI PISET Postdoctoral Fellow, 2012 Postdoctoral Fellow at National Cheng Kung University
Dr. Brendan J. Liddle Michigan Chemistry Postdoctoral Fellow, 2011 Research Manager at Materion Advanced Chemicals, Milwaukee, WI
Former Undergraduates in Ph.D. Programs
Andrew W. Bielawski B.S. Chemistry, 2012 Graduate Student at the University of Michigan
Taylor C. Evans B.S. Chemistry, 2014 Graduate Student at the University of Wisconsin, Madison
Aaron J. Goodman B.S. summa cum laude Chemistry and Pure Mathematics, 2012 Graduate Student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Michael J. Holland B.S. Biochemistry, 2011 Graduate Student at Northwestern University
David F. Yancey B.S. Chemistry, 2009 Research Scientist at Dow Chemical Company, Midland, MI

Ph.D. Chemistry, University of Texas at Austin, 2014