typical fume hood in our group: Schlenk line, lots of glassware
Vacuum Atmospheres Omni Ar Glove Box


Vacuum Atmospheres Nexus II N2 Glove Box

Vacuum Atmospheres Solvent Purificaiton System
Varian Cary 5000 UV-Vis-NIR Spectrophotometer
Newport Oriel Xe(Hg) Arc Source and Spectral Reponse System
CVD Set-up with MTI 1500 ºC Tube Furnace
Thermo-Fisher Isotemp Programmable Ovens
CH Instruments Series 660C Electrochemical Workstation
Customized Vencon UBA-5 Battery Analyzers
1200 – 1500 ºC Furnaces
Thermo-Fisher Vacuum Oven
Laurel Spin Coater
Thermo Centrifuge
Bucii Rotary Evaporator
Mettler-Toledo Balance and pH Meter
Group Kitchen
Snoopy Sno-Cone Maker