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BULA's History
The Black Undergraduate Law Association was reorganized during the summer of 2003 under the visionary leadership of its new president, Danielle Beasley, vice president, Allayna Ratliff, treasurer, Jamaal Chatman, and the prodigious efforts of its board members: Dana Powers, Jennifer Swayne, Anitra Cammon, and Bolaji Olasokan. It has been our greatest labor of love to ensure that from this day forward, BULA is a driving force in helping nurture and develop tomorrows most talented and compassionate black lawyers through today's noble efforts. We feel that BULA has made great strides in becoming an organization that seeks to provide the crucial information that will turn our members legal aspirations into a reality. Thus, we greatly welcome you to join us on our journey.

BULA...The Organization
The Black Undergraduate Law Association is a Princeton Review endorsed, student run, pre - professional organization that seeks to inform, enlighten, and empower motivated University of Michigan students to pursue the vast opportunities and rewards of a legal career. Our principle aim is to serve as a bridge of information and support at all the various stages of our diverse memberships’ pre - professional development. Some of the services that BULA provides to accomplish these goals are discounts and scholarships on LSAT preparation, LSAT strategy workshops with Princeton Review, community service activities, lectures by informed pre - law advisors and helpful advice on how to best navigate our fellowships’ academic careers. Though BULA continually strives to unite interested students of the law and faculty into a solid bond that will help them to achieve their pre - law endeavors, we also ardently encourage tenacity in scholarship, compassion in public service, and most importantly the courage to always advocate for unbiased equity under the law. Thus, we are more than just an organization dedicated to the success of our members, but a caring community of minority scholars sincere in our efforts to make a difference in the lives of all we meet.



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