Microarray Core Facility

UMDSC MicroArray Core

DNA double helix

Welcome to the University of Michigan DNA Sequencing Core's Affymetrix and MicroArray Group.

We offer a broad range of genomic services including Gene Expression Analysis, Next Generation Sequencing, sample quality/quantity check, qPCR, and genomic DNA isolation from blood.  Please select the product or services needed on the left menu bar for more information.

The core is available campus wide and to external clients [upcharge required for indirect cost recovery].
Please NOTE: As of May 28, 2015, prices for many of our services have changed.

Featured Platforms:
* Affymetrix [Gene Titan, Gene Atlas, GeneChip]
   - Full Service Whole Human Genome GeneChips for as low as $200/sample (from total RNA to analyzed data)!
* Agilent Microarray Scanner
* Qiagne RT profiler Targeted qPCR arrays
* ABI OpenArray, Quantstudio 12k Flex, 7900HT, StepOne Plus
* Agilent BioAnalyzer, Agilent TapeStation
* Nanodrop spectrophotometer and Qubit (dsDNA HS assay)

Other platform/services offered in the DNA sequencing core:
* Next Generation Sequencing [Illumina HiSeq, Ion Torrent, Pac Bio]
* NGS Library generation (whole genome, RNA-seq, Exomes, Cancer Panels, custom)
* Illumina Bead Arrays (gene expression and genotyping)