UMDSC Microarray Core Facility


Affymetrix Services

Standard Affy Processing (>300ng total RNA) $240.00
NuGen Affy Processing (>10ng total RNA) $310.00
Sense Transcript (ST) Affy Processing (>10ng) $354.00
Affy SNP 6.0 Processing $210.00
SNP 6.0 Hyb Only $70.00
Individual GeneChips or Strips at Cost

OpenArray and Targeted PCRarray Services

384 well processing (cost per sample) $90.00
384 well plate (4 samples per plate, 84 genes) $273.00
OpenArray panel (4 samples per panel, ~700 genes) $500.00
OpenArray processing (per sample) $60.00

AutoPure Genomic DNA Purification Services

Whole Blood (3mL - 5mL blood to DNA) $16.50
Whole Blood Finish (Cell Lysates to DNA) $10.00
Compromised Whole Blood (3mL - 5mL blood to DNA) $21.00
Comp. Whole Blood Finish (Cell Lysate to DNA) $14.50
Nanodrop or Qubit DNA Concentrations (per sample) $1.00
Aliquot DNA (per sample) $1.00

Next Generation Sequencing Services

RNA-seq Library preperation (cost per sample) $160.00
Exome capture - Library prep. (cost per sample, 4 samples minimum) $310.00
Illumina NGS sequencing (cost per flow cell)  
  HiSeq2000 50bp Single End   $715.00
  HiSeq2000 100bp Single End   $1,080.00
  HiSeq2000 50x50bp Paired End  $1,250.00
  HiSeq2000 100x100bp Paired End $1,670.00

**  Libraries are prepared barcoded, thus multiple samples can be sequenced together in a single flow cell (or accross many flow cells).

Prices effective as of 11/29/2011 and subject to change. Inquire at 7-5623 for most recent pricing or special requests.

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