Microarray Core Facility

DNA Sequencing Core - Affymetrix GeneChip Node

University of Michigan DNA Sequencing Core - Affymetrix GeneChip Node Facility

The MicroArray Core is a full service facility dedicated to providing RNA expression profiling services using Affymetrix GeneChip oligonucleotide probe arrays. This group was formerly in the Cancer Center, but in Feburary 2011 it merged with the DNA sequencing core, and we moved to the NCRC. This resource is available to the general UM research community and external clients. AffyScanner3000

 The Core has two Affymetrix 3000 7G Scanners (pictured on right), 6 FS450 fluidics stations and 3 hybridization ovens for processing cartridge based GeneChips.

In 2011, the core acquired a Gene Atlas System (pictured below).  The Gene Atlas is capable or running peg based arrays in strips of 4.  Several lower cost strip arrays are now available for human, mouse, and many model organisms.

Gene Atlas System

In 2013, the core acquired an Affymetrix Gene Titan instrument. This instrument is capable of running Affymetrix Array plates, in 16, 24, and 96 array formats. These arrays can be processed in a higher throughput manner, reducing the cost of processing by roughly 1/2 when compared to previous methods.