SOLiD System Sequencing:
Whole Genome Resequencing

Once you have the reference sequence for an organism, you can perform comparative sequencing or resequencing to characterize the genetic diversity within the organismís species or between closely related species.

Previously, the ability to generate sufficient depth of coverage for variant detection across an entire genome was limited by the throughput of existing platforms. This issue was compounded for larger organisms such as human and mouse. And while the ultra high throughput of next generation sequencing platforms held great promise for large scale resequencing experiments, initial technologies lacked the accuracy required for cost-effective variant detection.

Whole Genome Resequencing with the SOLiDô System
The SOLiDô System provides both the throughput and accuracy you need for cost effective variant detection. With demonstrated throughputs greater than 20 GB and accuracy greater than 99.94 the SOLiDô 3 System enables variant detection with much lower coverage than competitive platforms due to much lower false positive rates.

Identify Genome-Wide SNPs and Structural Variations in a Single Run
Using mate paired libraries enables you to detect structural variation such as insertion, deletions, inversions, and translocations in addition to SNPs. The SOLiDô System supports a broad variety of mate paired insert sizes (0.6-6 KB), providing you with the flexibility to detect a variety of structural changes.

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