There is no online mechanism for ordering services. All samples must be submitted with along with a sample submission form.

To drop off samples for either Targeted Array or Affymetrix GeneChip analysis, please refer to the sample submission guidlines.

Agilent BioAnalyzer samples can be dropped off anytime during the day. You may call 7-5623 to verify someone is in the core to accept the samples.

ABI plates for real time PCR and PCR arrays from Lonza and Superaray are scheduled either in person, by phone, by email. Plates may be dropped off at their scheduled time or anytime beforehand in the sample drop off box. Real time supplies (mastermix and plates) can be purchased in person at the core.

Custom Printing/Spotting and Scanning services require coordiantion with the core supervisor, seqcore@umich.edu.