Microarray Core Facility

Microarray Data Analysis

The Microarray Core offers Data Analysis as part of all gene expression array services.

You may schedule an appointment with our statistician to discuss your experimental design before you get started or if your design has already been determined, you can simply include your desired comparisons on your submission form.
After Arrays have been scanned you will receive:

  • Statistical Document: A document describing our QC checks as well as any statistical analysis done.
  • Normalized Data: A .txt file with Robust Multi-Array Average(RMA) expression values.
  • Gene list: HTML and/or .txt files for each comparison of interest showing relevant statistics and gene information for all genes that meet some criteria (usually 2 fold and P-value less than .05)
    • For experiments with fewer than 3 biological replicates per group you will only receive fold changes since statistical tests cannot be applied.
After the initial analysis is complete we can discuss other information you might want such as pathway analysis or the generation of heatmaps for selected subsets of genes.

All analysis is done using the R statistical Environment and packages from the Bioconductor Community. We do not have any licenses to commercial software. We will provide CEL files upon request.