Microarray Core Facility

Ion Torrent Services

The DNA Sequencing core has an Ion Torrent PGM instrument and offers both library generation and sequencing services.

Powered by Ion Torrent™ semiconductor chip technology, the Ion Personal Genome Machine® (PGM™) Sequencer delivers the fastest run times, at an affordable price. High accuracy, and long reads put the Ion PGM™ Sequencer in a class of its own. This platform is ideally suited for targeted sequencing with smaller sample cohorts that wont mulitplex effciently onto the HiSeqs.

Ion Torrent Library Services:
DNA library: $100.00  per library.
RNA library: $166.00  per library.

Ion Torrent Sequencing Services (add the processing fee + one of the available ion chips below):
200bp Sequencing processing: $370.00  per chip.
Ion 314 Chip (~10Mbases): $105.00  per chip.
Ion 316 Chip (~100Mbases): $305.00  per chip.
Ion 318 Chip (~1000Mbases): $504.00  per chip.

If you are considering running samples on the Ion Torrent Platform, please email seqcore@umich.edu or call 7-5623 to set up a time to discuss your project.