Protocols - Overview

RNA Isolation

The prefered option for RNA isolation/purification is a column based kit (like Qiagen's Rneasy). For tissues, Trizol works very well, but please perfrom a column clean up step also. If you expect low yields, please use a Micro kit (10ul elution volumes) such that your RNA concentration will be high enough (to prevent having to vaccuum concentrate). Here you will find a link to the product insert describing the RNeasy Kit protocols.

Trizol reagent from Invitrogen (formerly Gibco/BRL), here you will find a link to the product insert describing the Trizol protocols.

One important note for either these protocols or any other for RNA isolation. If the protocol is from a commercial kit, ensure that all required additional materials have been obtained prior to proceeding. This is especially important is your laboratory is not routinely preforming molecular biology techniques.

Generation of cDNA from Total RNA

Please submit total RNA to the core. Generation of cDNA is not required for any of our current services.

The reagents listed here can be purchased from the Biomedical Research Supply store (MSRB II).

If you have any further questions regarding Microarray experiments, please feel free to contact us via e-mail at <> or at 647-5623.