Microarray Core Facility

Guidelines for Sample Submission

The following are the pre-requisites asked of you prior to bringing samples to the Microarray Core Facility:

Please NOTE: As of May 28, 2015, prices for many of our services have changed.


All gene expression Samples need to be QC'd prior to processing by the core.  The core offers QC services using the nanodrop, qubit, bioanalyzer and/or tapestation.  Aliquots of 5ul may be submitted to the core at either location for QC checks only, or larger volumes may be submitted when further downstream processing is anticipated.  Please submit the proper sample submission forms for the downstream services.  No paperwork is needed for QC check only samples.


Please download and submit with your samples the correct form:

Affy Gene Expression Sample Submission Form (cartridges and array strips (4))

Affy Gene Expression Sample Submission Form (array plates (16 or 24))

Affy Genotyping Sample Submission Form .

Targeted PCR Array Submission Form

OpenArray Submission Form

DNA isolation services Submission Form

One of these forms is required unless samples are only submitted for QC checks. You may call the sample submission sites (see bottom of page) prior to dropping samples off to ensure someone is in the core to accept your samples.


For each sample submitted, you will need to create an unique identifier begining with your investigators last name and a three digit number. (ie. Dr. Macoska's lab would submit their first sample to the core as Macoska_001). Investigators are responsible for maintaining records on which samples correspond to each unique identifier.  It is also permissible to use a 96 well plate ID and the row/column (ie. Macoska plate 001: A1-H12).


Record the corresponding unique numbers on the tubes you bring to the Core Facility and bring the completed submission form. You need to provide us with a current UM shortcode. Please also make sure you are registered with the DNA sequencing core (both PI and lab contact). While we are not using this system for sample submission yet, this is need for proper billing. We will not process samples unless you bring in the completed form and the PI, lab contact and shortcode is entered into the Seq. core's database.


All gene expression samples MUST be checked on the Agilent 2100 BioAnalyzer prior to being run on Affy or on targeted arrays. The core offers the BioAnalyzer as a stand alone service. You are advised to check your samples via a gel and determine concentrations from absorbance A260/280 readings prior to submitting to the core in order to prevent any unnecessary or extra costs to you. Attach Agilent pdf to sample submission form. Please see the FAQ page for further information.


Bring your Affymetrix samples as follows:

Affy Standard - >50 ng/ul and >250ng total RNA

Nugen - >10ng/ul and >50ng total RNA

PCR Array - >0.1ug/ul and >500ng total RNA

OpenArray - >30ng/ul and >200ng total RNA

Bring us at least 10ul. If your sample or samples do not pass our minimum requirements you will be contacted via email and consulted on how to proceed. You may be charged for additional handling of your samples ($30) so please try to meet the stated criteria.

7- For Axiom Biobanking genechips, we need you to prepare 20ul total volume of gDNA at 10ng/ul. Please use a Low EDTA TE buffer to make your dilutions, and if possible use a dsDNA specific quantitation assay to determine concentrations (like picogreen or qubit). Please put the 20ul aliquots of each sample into:
ABgene 96 Square Well Storage Plates; AB-0932.
These plates and the sample volume/concentration are used directly in the first step of processing and will definately make things go smoother/faster on our end.
The core offers the qubit dsDNA assay on a fee for service basis if you need sample concentrations prior to sample submission.


Please bring samples on ice or dry ice. Call ahead to make sure someone is in the core to accept the samples.

9- If you need to ship samples to us, our address is: 2800 Plymouth Rd, Bldg 14, Room 165, Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2800. The phone number is 734-647-5623. Please provide us with a FedEx (or your favorite carrier) account so that we can ship data and samples back to you.