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Schedule Preparation for Office/Retail Center Unit #4

Students form teams of three persons which act as consultants to the project owner. Their task is to prepare a detailed schedule that can serve as the control tool for the construction of the Office/Retail Center Unit #4, which is part of the Jackson Industrial Commons on Jackson Road west of Ann Arbor.

The following material is available in the Construction Lab (1340 G.G. Brown) for student use:

bulletPlans and Specifications for Office/Retail Center Unit #4, Jackson Industrial Commons, Ann Arbor.
bulletRS Means Building Construction Cost Data (Estimating handbook).
bulletCommercial Scheduling Software
bulletPrimavera Project Planner (P3)
bulletMicrosoft Project
bulletDrawing/charting/integration software
bulletScheduling Software developed at UM
bulletStroboscope with CPMAddOn for modeling PERT networks
bulletProbSched (requires Stroboscope with CPMAddOn  and Visio)
bulletPACK (CPM5)

Electronic copies of the plans and specifications can be downloaded (and printed) from the course website.
The course GSI is available for help with any questions regarding the project.

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