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Honor Code


All work is performed under the College of Engineering Honor Code.

All problem sets (homework and case studies), except for the term project, are individual assignments and are to be completed by each student working independently.

All written work, whether in scrap or final form, is to be generated by students working alone. Students are not allowed to sit together and work out the details of the problems with anyone.

Each team does its own work on all team assignments (term project). Teams do not work together.

Students are not allowed to look at assignments from prior terms. In general, students are not allowed to possess, use, or in anyway derive advantage from the existence of assignments, solutions, or any work prepared by other students in this or past terms.

The above apply to computer files as well. All work done by a student using a computer must be entirely his/her own, and a student must have entered every keystroke or mouse command for their work. Consequently, students must never leave computer files in directories where other students may have access to them. Doing so is equivalent to providing copies of their work to other students. Students should copy their files on other media and erase them from public areas on a computer's hard drive. If students find other peoples' files relating to this course on the computers in the Construction Lab or in CAEN labs, they should bring the matter to the attention of the instructor immediately.

Exams are individual efforts, not team efforts. Exams are taken with books closed. All work during exams is completely independent.

Violation of this policy is grounds to initiate an action that would be filed with the Dean's office and would come before the College of Engineering Honor Council.

If you have any questions about this policy, please do not hesitate to contact the Instructor.

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