Starting in Fall 2013, Contexts for Classics is affiliated with the Institute for the Humanities at the University of Michigan. Co-sponsors include the College of Literature, Science and the Arts, the Horace H. Rackham School of Graduate Studies, the Department of Classical Studies, the Department of Comparative Literature, and the Program in Modern Greek.

Academic year 2013-2014:
Basil Dufallo, Associate Professor, Classical Studies and Comparative Literature
Vassilis Lambropoulos, Professor, Classical Studies and Comparative Literature, Chair of Modern Greek
Ian Moyer, Associate Professor, History
Yopie Prins, Professor, English and Comparative Literature
Silke-Maria Weineck, Associate Professor, Germanic Languages and Comparative Literature

Francesca Schironi, Associate Professor of Classical Studies

Nick Geller,
Department of Classical Studies
Cassie Miura, Department of Comparative Literature

CFC News
CFC is pleased to announce the publication of "Classical Reception and the Political," a special issue of the journal Cultural Critique, based on the collaboration between Bristol University and the University of Michigan. For more information, click here.

>> Kate Bosher (2006)
Debbie Ross (2006)
Chad Schroeder (2006)
Meilee D. Bridges (2005)
Contexts for Classics (CFC) is an interdepartmental faculty initiative founded in 2000 that aims to rethink the discipline(s) of Classical Studies from various critical, historical, and pedagogical perspectives. CFC sponsors several events annually and emphasizes curricular offerings across the University that explore the relationship between antiquity and modernity and interrogate the construction of a Classical ideal.