Introduction to Chemical Analysis
Chem 241
<Winter 2003>

Dr. Mark E. Meyerhoff

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3/24/03 Lectures #16 and #17 as well as Problem Set #10 has been added to the site.
3/17/03 Lecture #15 and Problem Set #9 has been added to the site.
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1/31/03 The finals of the lecture notes I added the other day have been converted into *.pdf now.  Sorry for the delay on that.  I hope no one had any problems getting the info in *.ppt form.  Good Luck everyone on your first midterm!
1/30/03 An Equation Sheet for the first Exam and Final Copies of the Lecture Notes have been posted.
Unfortunately, because these files are only in Powerpoint (and those files will be marked as Powerpoint) the best way to obtain these slides is to download the files and then print rather than printing straight from the web.  I apologize for not having these in *.pdf, and I'll try to get them that way ASAP.
1/27/03 Lectures 7 and 8 have been added to the site.
1/20/03 Over the past few days another problem set, the newest lecture notes and some additional readings have been added to the site.
1/6/03 The first 2 lectures have been added to the site. Happy first day of classes!
1/4/03  The Web Page @ has a link to this page, just in case someone goes looking for information there, but it will not be used this semester and this page here will contain all the information needed for this course. Simply use the address

This course provides an introduction to the fundamental principles of classical wet-chemistry and modern instrument-based chemical analysis. General topics include statistics, standard solutions, solubility products, activity coefficients, spectrophotometry, acid-base titrations, gravimetric analysis, complexometric methods, redox reactions/titrations, electrochemical methods, chromatographic methods, and mass spectrometry.


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