Physical Methods of Analysis
Chem 447

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Dr. Mark E. Meyerhoff

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11/5/01: An additional reading was added to the web page which Dr. Meyerhoff would like everyone to read. It is a comparison of Blood Lead Analysis via Stripping Voltammetry and Furnace Absorption Spectroscopy. The answers to the second exam were also posted.

10/24/01 Two Spectroscopy Problem Sets have been posted on the web as well an old exam. Problem Set 5 is most relevant to the upcoming exam.

9/5/01 I updated the Lecture Notes page and added the first five sections of lecture notes. It is not presumed that each lecture will cover an entire "section" as the web-page presents the lectures, rather they have been grouped this way to aid in your organization of the class notes. Hope the first class went well!

8/30/01 Welcome all! Professor Meyerhoff instructed Chem447 Winter 2001, thus the same web-page will be used this semester. However, the notes may vary, therefore the web-page as of today has been reset and the notes, etc. will be available as they are finalized. A copy of the syllabus and the first set of notes will be printed out for the first lecture but students are expected to print out their own copy of the notes from this web-page from then on. Professor Meyerhoff and myself will try to make the notes available ASAP but they will likely not become available more than 24-48 hours before the relevant class period. If you ever have problems with something on the web-page don't be afraid to e-mail me at I (Gary Klein) will be working as the Webmaster this semester. I wish everyone the best semester, Good-Luck!

This course introduces the student to the principles and techniques of modern analytical chemistry. Atomic and molecular spectroscopy, mass spectrometry, chromatographic separation techniques, and contemporary electroanalytical chemistry are stressed. The principles of data collection and the processing and representation of analytical signals are introduced.

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