You envy us. It’s ok, we envy us too.


This is Eugene Lo. He graduated from Harvard Law school in 1969 and has successfully written three textbooks. He currently is a guest professor at Yale, Johns Hopkins, and the University of Michigan, all while performing research at his home university, Princeton.

This is Anna Shatsman. She’s envious of the yellow wall she’s attached to. She’s also a professional white water kayaker. Currently she’s ranked second in the world, only second to her alter ego, that is. If you haven’t heard of her, turn on ESPN. There you go.

This is Mike VanHall. This is one of Mike’s many chateaus. When his isn’t too busy relaxing on his 200 foot yacht or playing polo with Bill Gates and Donald Trump, he can often be found giving financial advice to the likes of Ben Bernanke

or Warren Buffet.

Mike VanHall, Eugene Lo, Anna Shatsman

Dr. Koreeda

SSG Leader

Alex Turin