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This web site is now obsolete and will no longer be maintained.

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Gallium's default probe is back.


Gallium's default probe (autoxdb) is broken and will be shipped for repairs. The autoxid probe is now installed. This means:
     1- Fluorine spectra is not possible.
     2- Increased proton sensitivity.
     3- Decreased X-nucleus sensitivity.

Old News

Instrument Status

 Ytterbium 700 06/20/12    Ok.
 Tellurium 500 08/29/13    Ok.
 Inova 500 01/13/10    Ok.
 Cobalt 400 09/21/12    Ok.
 Gallium 400 04/01/14    Ok.  
 Inova 400 09/11/13    Teaching only.  

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E. Alvarado. 12/07/10