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We are currently working on more application notes.  Please check this page regularly for updates.

Problem solving

  Common problems and solutions (05/14/10)
  Frequently Asked Questions (10/15/09)
  Problem report form

Application notes

  Guide to NMR tubes  (08/08/11)
  Fluorine experiments  (08/21/13)
  Kinetics experiments with acquisition of 2 nuclei.   (02/03/11)
  Kinetics experiments  (02/03/11)
  DEPT and APT experiments.   (01/04/11)
  2D experiments with VNMRJ 2.2   (01/05/11)
  Using the lock channel to get Deuterium spectra  (08/13/10)
  NMR spectroscopy in non deuterated solvents  (08/19/10)
  Gradient shimming non deuterated solvents  (08/20/10)
  Probe tuning with the protune modules  (08/12/10)
  Using Linear Prediction  (07/15/10)
  Solvent suppression with the WET and PRESAT pulse sequences   (07/09/10)
  Practical guide for quantitative 1D NMR  (05/10/10)
  Diffusion experiments  (04/12/10)
  Noesy 1D experiments  (02/15/10)
  Custom-made macros at U of M (02/02/10)
  Frequently Asked Questions (10/15/09)
  Homonuclear decoupling (05/22/08)
  Heteronuclear decoupling (08/23/13)
  Referencing heteronuclear spectra  (6/14/06)
  Shimming and locking  (6/15/06)

Training handouts

  U of M NMR Facility Signup Rules (03/31/11)
  VNMRJ Training Guide (05/05/11)
  VNMRJ Training Sheet

Some useful external documents

  Vnmrj 3.1 Experiment Guide
  Easy, Precise and Accurate Quantitative NMR
  Fast Methods for Small Molecules
  High Resolution Diffusion-Ordered Spectroscopy (HR-DOSY)
  Bruker Almanac 2011

VNMRJ Online Manuals

Per license agreement with Varian inc., access is restricted to users of the Chemistry Department. Uniqname login required with ITCS/ITD kerberos password. Please be aware that most of these manuals are large (4-12 MBytes) Adobe Acrobat PDF files and will have long download times over dialup lines.  Don't forget to logout after viewing the manuals.  

  Menu of online manuals for Vnmrj 1.1D
  Menu of online manuals for Vnmr 6.1B
  File index of manuals (for downloads)

Useful links

  Sources for NMR supplies:

    Ace Glass
    Cambridge Isotope Laboratories
    New Era Enterprises

  NMR equipment manufacturers:
    Agilent Technologies
    Bruker Biospin


Command line scripts for creating and deleting Vnmrj user accounts and operators. Updated for Vnmrj 3.2A.
Provides syntax highlighting to Vnmrj's MAGICAL macro language when using vi, kwrite or kate text editors.
Image of the spinner retriever used in our lab.
Spinner retriever

E. Alvarado.