Lab Members

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Principle Investigator


I am interested in understanding molecular structures of complex surfaces and interfaces, such as polymer and biological surfaces and interfaces. My group is using advanced spectroscopic and imaging techniques to study such surfaces and interfaces.
Zhan Chen
Principle Investigator


B.S. in Chemistry, Peking University

M.S. in Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (With Prof. Jingkui Liang)

Ph.D. in Chemistry, University of California at Berkeley (With Prof.Herbert Strauss)

Postdoc in Chemistry and Materials Sciences, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab (With Prof. Gabor Somorjai)

Postdoctoral Researchers


CARS microscopy, protein immobilization, multimodal analysis (SFG spectroscopy with fluorescence imaging)

Joshua Jasensky
SFG Researcher

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My current research is focused on laser spectroscopy of biomolecules on the surface. Study and design the biomolecules interaction with 2D materials; Investigate the structural and conformational information of biomolecules immobilized on surfaces.

Xingquan Zou
Biomaterial Researcher

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I am a computational protein-sensor design by coarse-grained MD simulation model development and enhanced sampling methods.

Shuai Wei
Computation Specialist


My research mainly focuses on studying the molecular structures of biological molecules and polymer materials at interfaces using advanced spectroscopic techniques such as sum frequency generation vibrational spectroscopy, attenuated total reflection FTIR, and circular dichroism spectroscopy.

H.A. Ganganath Perera
Biomolecule Material Researcher

Graduate Students


Interfacial structure-function correlation of photovoltaic materials, surface property of 2D materials.

Minyu Xiao
5th year PhD student

I am working on polymer and adhesives relevant to the microelectronics industry. I focus on studying buried polymer/epoxy interfaces and see how various treatments affect the surface and change the macroscopic properties.

Nathan W. Ulrich
5th year PhD student

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Working area: surface hydration and protein adhesion analysis for anti-fouling applications; polymer blend surface structure analysis and optimization.

Chengcheng Zhang
4th year PhD student

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Ultrafast optics, nonlinear optics, CARS microscopy, laser spectroscopy(focuses on studying antifouling and antimicrobial materials)

Hao Huang
3rd year PhD student

I am a first year graduate student at the university of Michigan in the Chemistry Department. My area of interest is physical chemistry, surface chemistry and spectroscopy. I am from Northern California.

John Andre
1st year PhD student


My main working is about biomolecules and currently studying simulation.

Jiayi Tian
1st year master student


I received his B.S.E. degree from SWJTU in 2017 researching on polymeric composites material. I am interested in polymer surface and adhesion.

Ting Lin
1st year master student

Visiting Researchers

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I am good at physical and materials chemistry. I love maths, reading, travelling and arts!

Lirong Shi
Nanjing University

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I'm a senior student of USTC who is majoring in Analytic Chemistry

Wen Guo
University of Science and Technology of China