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Principle Investigator


I am interested in understanding molecular structures of complex surfaces and interfaces, such as polymer and biological surfaces and interfaces. My group is using advanced spectroscopic and imaging techniques to study such surfaces and interfaces.
Zhan Chen
Principle Investigator


B.S. in Chemistry, Peking University

M.S. in Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (With Prof. Jingkui Liang)

Ph.D. in Chemistry, University of California at Berkeley (With Prof.Herbert Strauss)

Postdoc in Chemistry and Materials Sciences, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab (With Prof. Gabor Somorjai)

Postdoctoral Researchers

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Research Interests: Pump-probe and Phase-sensitive SFG, Ultrafast Dynamic Process at Interfaces, Buried Interfaces of Polymer Thin films.

Bolin Li
SFG Researcher

Graduate Students

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My research focuses on characterization of marine anti fouling materials and protein-polymer molecular structure study at solid-liquid interface using SFG.

Chengcheng Zhang
5th year PhD student

I received my B.S. degree in chemistry from Humboldt State University in Arcata in 2016. My research interests include nonlinear optical techniques for non-destructive characterization of polymer surfaces and interface properties related to adhesion.

John Andre
3rd year PhD student

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My research is mainly focused on probing the protein structure at various surfaces and buried electrode/electrolyte interfaces by using SFG technique. ATF-FTIR, Circular Dichroism, and simulation method are also used as the complimentary tools to understand the molecular structure.

Tieyi Lu
3rd year PhD student

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I received my BS in chemistry from SUNY Fredonia. My current research interests involve non-linear spectroscopic techniques and their application to interfacial water structure and properties.

Ralph Crisci
3rd year PhD student

I graduated from UTSC and currently focus on surface immobilized protein and isptope label protein analysis.

Wen Guo
2nd year PhD student


I graduated for Nanjing University. My research interest is generally around surface chemistry and advanced materials for multiple applications. Playing with SFG is a lot of fun! (You will find out if you join:) Outside the lab, I love reading, travelling, music, etc.

Lirong Shi
2nd year PhD student


My research interest is: Investigate the biomolecules interaction with polymer and 2D materials; Polymer adhesive and biomimic adhesive; SHG imaging.

Ting Lin
1st year PhD student


Hey! I am a new PhD student in Macromolecular Science and Engineering, which means I like polymers and hope to be an engineer one day!

Shuqing Zhang
1st year PhD student


I am a first year Ph.D student at the university of Michigan in the chemistry department. I came from Xi’an. I am interested in Analytical Chemistry and surface Chemistry.

Jinpeng Gao
1st year PhD student

Visiting Researchers

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I am a visiting student from UCAS, and my work is focusing on semiconducting polymer structure on graphene surface.

Ruiying Guo
University of Chinese Academy of Sciences

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'I am interested in polymer chemistry, especially structures, physical properties at interfaces and their correlation.

Tatsuki Abe
Kyushu university


I am currently a senior student from Nankai University. I am interested in macromolecular and analytical chemistry. I am here as an international exchange student for half a year.

Guangyao Wu
Nankai University

Undergraduate Student

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Senior chemistry student, interested in spectroscopy, currently working on polymer adhesion project.

Chuang Feng
Senior Year