Latin 101 Resource Center

General Course Material
   Course Syllabus / Calendar Syllabus
   "The Big Picture"
   The Sentence Tree
   Roman Dates
   Roman Names
   Morphology Exercises
   Morphology Charts
   Expectations / Linear Reading Card

Prestests / Exam Downloads
   Pretest 1 / Answer Key
   Pretest 2 / Answer Key
   Pretest 3 / Answer Key
   Final Exam Pretest / Answer Key





Blank Worksheets
   Case Use Worksheet
   Compiled Worksheet
   Coordinating Conjunction Worksheet
   Dependent Clause Worksheet
   Expectations Worksheet
   Form Identification Worksheet
   Kernel-Modifier Chart 101FE
   Kernel-Modifier Chart 101 (Les 1- Les 5)
   Kernel-Modifier Chart 101 (Les 5 -Les 11)
   Kernel-Modifier Chart 101 (Les 11-Les14)
   Kernel Chart A (Through Les 10)
   Kernel Chart B
   Modifier Chart A (w/o case use)
   Modifier Chart B
   Participles & Gerunds Worksheet
   Total Analysis Worksheet
   The Sentence Tree

Vocabulary Items
   Sample Vocabulary Card
   LfR Vocabulary List
   Productive Prefixes
   Suffix list   

   Stem List