Latin 102 Resource Center

General Course Material
   Course Syllabus / Calendar Syllabus
   "The Big Picture"
   The Sentence Tree
   Syntactic Structures of the Latin Sentence
   Roman Dates
   Roman Names   
   Morphology Exercises
   Morphology Charts
   Expectations / Linear Reading Card

Pretests / Exam Downloads
   Pretest 1 / Answer Key
   Pretest 2 / Answer Key
   Pretest 3 / Answer Key
   Final Exam Pretest / Answer Key



Blank Worksheets
   Case Use Worksheet
   Compiled Worksheet
   Coordinating Conjunction Worksheet
   Dependent Clause Worksheet
   Expectations Worksheet
   Form Identification Worksheet
   Kernel-Modifier Chart 102
   Kernel Chart B
   Modifier Chart B
   Participles & Gerunds Worksheet
   Total Analysis Worksheet
   Verb Synopsis 102
   The Sentence Tree

Vocabulary Items
   Sample Vocabulary Card
   LfR Vocabulary List
   Stem List
   Frequently Occuring Suffixes and Infixes
   Productive Prefixes in Latin
   Vocabulary of Names

   Basic Sentences
   Required Readings