Classics and your future

Classical concentrators from Michigan have gone on to distinguished careers in medicine, law, government, and other professions. The study of classics is widely regarded as good preparation for those fields, and is especially good preparation for law school, since both law and classics emphasize careful reading and analysis of text.

A concentration in classics is also excellent preparation for graduate study, not only for continuing in Classics, but in other areas of study as well, such as English, philosophy, history, religion, archaeology, library sciences, comparative literature, or other languages and literatures. Recent public discussions have turned society’s attention to the importance of teachers for the future of the nation. There is currently a high demand for Latin teachers at the secondary level and these job opportunities will increase in the coming years. Those interested in becoming high school Latin teachers can earn teaching certificates during their undergraduate careers. A Masters degree for teachers of Latin is offered through our graduate program. Our department has a long tradition as a major Latin teacher-training institution and we continue to see this as one of our major responsibilities.

The following list was compiled from follow-up surveys of Michigan graduates and from national data. For some of the occupations listed below, further skills or related training are desirable. Additional graduate study is generally required for those occupations marked with an (*) on the list.

Regarding Law
"Law schools report that by yardsticks of law review and grades, their top students come from math, the Classics, and literature - with political science, economics, 'pre-law', and 'legal studies' ranking lower." (Harvard Magazine, May-June, 1998, p. 50)

Government and Political Administration

  • Foreign Service Officer
  • Librarian *
  • Legislative Assistant
  • Press Secretary
  • Policy Analyst *
  • Intelligence Analyst

Research and Education

  • Archivist *
  • Research Associate
  • Minister *
  • Archaeologist *
  • Medical Profession*
  • Dental Profession*
  • Professor *
  • Higher Education Administrator
  • Museum Curator *


  • Lawyer *
  • Promotional Advertising
  • Labor/Public Relations Specialist
  • Financial Analyst *
  • International Trade *
  • Tour Planner
  • Culinary Arts


  • Freelance writer
  • Editor
  • Translator
  • Arts Reviewer
  • Journal Editor
  • Author
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