Graduate School Fellowships

Some starting points for opportunities such as the Rhodes and Marshall Scholarships:

Sources of Information on Graduate Programs

Basic texts:
American Philological Association 2003 Guide to Graduate Programs in the Classics in the United States and Canada (10th edition) - Available in the Classical Studies office or you can buy your own, through the APA, on line:
Provides summary information on all programs and — most importantly — relevant websites for additional research

A Guide to Graduate Programs in Ancient History (Compiled by Michael Arnush). Association of Ancient Historians, 1997.

General websites (not classics specific) on the process of graduate school admissions:

Princeton Review

‘Going to Graduate School’

US News and World Reports Rankings

‘Getting In: An Applicant’s Guide to Graduate School Admissions’

Protocols for asking for letters of recommendation

On-line guide to graduate programs in Classics and Ancient History:

For a sense of what might be expected, check out Michigan’s own graduate information (and expectations):


Classical Art and Archaeology

Ancient History

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