The Department of Classical Studies is pleased to present the Graduating Class of 2002

Years: 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001

2002 Graduates and their Future Plans

Joshua Ahsoak - Taking some time off before applying to Law School
Jami Bailey - Working in the field of Biology
Gabrielle Baumann - Taking some time off, then on to Grad School
Juliet Brophy - Undecided
Anne Burghdoff - Working for the U of M!
Saem Chun - No Response
James Courage - University of Pennsylvania for a Ph.D. in Classical Archaeology
Nathan Forester - No Response
Brett France - No Response
Johanna Graef - Still deciding
Anne Hammel - Museum work in Ireland
Joshua Hansen - Working in the field of Chemistry
Raymond Kania - Studying in Rome, then Grad School at University of Chicago
Junhan Lee - Law School
Phillip Manina - Planning on being a philosophically Zen coffee house bum
Erin Mays - Marketing Coordinator for the Ann Arbor Symphony Orchestra
James McLenaghan - Finishing a Latin teacher certification to teach in secondary schools.
Matthew Mehalic - Working in the field of Maritime/Admiralty Law
Bailey Moreno - Working somewhere in the field of Biology
Grant Nelsestuen - Grad School at University of Texas-Austin
Eugenia Politis - Medical School
Ramona Quesada - No Response
Amy Riley - Medical School
Maria Saldana - Moving to Washington D.C. to work, then applying to Law School
Robert Shereda - Grad School at the University of Wisconsin for Biomolecular Chemistry
Varadarajan Subbiah - Attending University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey
Christopher Thompson - Training for the 2004 Olympics in Swimming
Sotiria Tzakas - Attending Columbia University for Human Nutrition and Physiology
Janeice Wooten - Going to Greece, then on to Dental School
Thomas Worth - Living under a blanket of secrecy, no comment
Maksim Yegorov - Grad School in Classics at Berkeley

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