The Department of Classical Studies is pleased to present the Graduating Class of 2004

Years: 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001

2004 Graduates and their Future Plans

Katrina Alspaugh - Getting married and entering the workforce, then possibly law school or grad school
Sarah Anderson - Internship at Crow Canyon Archaeological Center in southwestern Colorado, then graduate school possibly in public archaeology/education or in museum work
Christina Bakalis - Medical School
Rebecca Bell - Going on an archaeological dig in Sicily over the summer, then a year off to work before applying to Law School
Steven Benjamin - Graduate School at Oxford for Classics
Sarah Bonner - Attending the Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine at Midwestern University
Jonathan Boschan - Moving to Hollywood and planning to utilize my degrees in Archaeology and Film to make documentaries or an epic archaeologist movie
Anitra Cammon - Law School
Patrick Crowley - Graduate School at Columbia
Corinn Cunningham - Student teaching in Hawaii
Courtney Dunnings - Graduate School
Ashley Erdmann - Spending a year in France with Campus Crusade for Christ before going on to law school or grad school.
David Eule - Driving aimlessly throughout the country looking for a job in a nice warm climate, and then decide on a future
Malcolm Gilchrist - Law School at either Wayne State or Michigan State
Rhodora Grate - An archaeological dig at the Cecina Valley project in Italy this summer, then on to graduate school for archaeology
Emily Haffner - Law School at Notre Dame with a focus in Health Law
John Kaiafas - Law School
Erin Katz - Attending the Thomas M. Cooley Law School for criminal justice
Jason Kayes - Graduate School in Classics at Somerville College at Oxford
Alexander Loney - Getting married this summer, then pursuing graduate school in Classical Studies at Duke University
Paul Ly - Working in the restaurant supply business for a year, then on to New York for training in the culinary arts
Thomas McDonough - Latin Teaching Masters Program at the University of Michigan
Erin Migda - Graduate School at the University of California - Berkley for Ancient History and Mediterranean Archaeology, focusing on Egyptology
Stephen Mills - Moving to Boulder, Colorado and taking a year off before applying to grad school for Chinese medicine
Peter Morden - No Response
Candace Mui - Looking for a job
John Nelson - Law School at the University of Michigan
Stephen Pannuto - Graduate School in English at the University of Chicago
Jared Ryan - No Response
Christina Ryu - An archaeological dig in the summer, then some time off to do Biology research before going to Medical School
Bradley Schneider - Undecided
Stephen Sinas - No Response
Michael Wakeley - Working and then off to Law School
Jessica Weintritt - Taking a year off to work, then applying to Law School
Candi Wilson - Pursuing a Masters Degree at Arizona State
Stephen Wise - Working for the government at the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency with the position of Imagery Intelligence Analyst in Washington D.C.

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