The Department of Classical Studies is pleased to present the Graduating Class of 2004

Years: 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001

2005 Graduates and their Future Plans

Chris Apostoleris - Modern Greek Minor
Exploring several career options
Ed Atkinson - B.A. Classical Languages and Literatures
I’m going to Florida State University College of Law; I hope to build the co-operative commonwealth and overturn the capitalist system of private ownership of the means of production.

Elizabeth Bair - B.A. Classical Archaeology
I will be taking a year off of school to live in Chicago and pursue my career options in the Big City as a Flight Attendant, Secretary, Sales Associate, and/or Bartender. I will be taking time off school to investigate my graduate school options with my goal being to attend the University of Massachusetts at Amherst for a Masters Degree of Fine Arts in Poetics.

Christina Bakalis - Modern Greek Minor
Michael Borofsky - B.A. Classical Civilization
Stephen Brooks - Latin Minor
Alexa Caralis - B.A. Modern Greek

My future plan include working at Sherman Law Group, a law firm in Farmington Hills, Mi, starting May 16th. Other than that, nothing too exciting on the agenda.

Benjamin Cecil - Latin Minor
Jennifer Chang - B.A. Classical Civilization

Going to law school.

Corinn Cunningham - Archaeology Minor
Phil Deloria - B.A. Classical Archaeology

I am attending the School of Information here on campus next fall. I will be pursuing a masters degree in library science and archival studies.

Elizabeth DeRidder - B.A. Classical Archaeology
Courtney Dunnings - B.A. Classical Languages and Literatures

I will be attending the University of Minnesota for my phd in classics and near eastern studies in the fall.

Bethany Dykstra - B.A. Classical Archaeology
This summer I am doing underwater archaeology fieldwork with Prof. John O’Shea in Lake Huron. We will be surveying the bottom of East Tawas Bay for shipwreck material. I also have two job interviews when I return to Holland MI - one at the Holland Museum and another at the Saugatuck Historical Society. Hopefully one of them will pan out.

Benjamin Eisman - B.A. Classical Archaeology
My plans practive combing my hair and continue my water-ballet training.
David Felger - B.A. Classical Civilization
After I graduate I will be attending the Michigan School of Optometry at Ferris State University starting August 2005.
Jennifer Finn - B.A. Latin
I will be attending Columbia University in the fall to begin work towards a Ph.D. in Classics.
Samira Haque - B.A. Classical Archaeology
I am a double major in anthropology-zoology and classical archaeology and am planning on attending dental school this august (at U of M!) with the hopes of opening my own practice one day.

James Haskins IV - B.A. Classical Civilization
I will take a year to work and then be applying to Ph.D. programs in Chemistry and Archaeological sciences.
Ari Hausler - B.A. Classical Civilization

Piper Huber - Archaeology Minor

Going to U of M Dental School

Melanie Kebler - B.A. Classical Civilization
My future plans consist of moving to Oregon in the fall to attend law school at Lewis and Clark School of Law in Portland, and I’m interested in pursuing environmental law. I would also like to get a dog at some point, because my cat needs a friend.

Stratos Kotzabassi - Archaeology Minor
Laura Kubit - B.A. Classical Archaeology

I have been nominated to join the Peace Corps and will ship out sometime next fall. Law school will follow upon my return two years later.

Michael Long - B.A. Classical Languages and Literatures
Will be starting the Latin MAT program in Classics in the Fall.

Leyna McDonough - B.A. Classical Archaeology
Orin McIntosh - Latin Minor

I will be moving back to Grand Rapids to find employment as best as an economist/classicist knows how; meaning I be looking for a banking job, or entry level position job as an analyst, consultant, or just a run of the mill paper pusher! After a few years I wil go back for my MBA.

Jessica Meulendyk - B.A. Classical Archaeology
Shayna Meyers - B.A. Classical Archaeology and Classical Civiliztion

I will be travelling to Poland throughout May in a CREES program with U of M. Then I plan to be joining the Anglo-American Project in Pompeii for a second season as an advanced student during the rest of the summer.

Alejandro Meza - B.A. Classical Civilization
Jeremy Minkin - B.A. Classical Civilization

I will be attending law school at either Wayne State, University of Detroit Mercy or Miami in Florida
Benjamin Moerman - B.A. Classical Archaeology
I have accepted a zone manager position with Ford Motor Company in their marketing, sales, and service branch. I will be working primarily with dealers in this capacity. In 2-3 years, I plan to return to law school to receive my JD and then actively seek a career path in automotive lobbying.

Brian Molloy - B.A. Classical Archaeology
I will be attending University of DePaul Law School next year. I was accepted into their Intellectual property program and received a scholarship.
Anna Moniodis - Modern Greek Minor

Katelyn Myers - B.A. Classical Civilization

My plans are to remain over-educated and unemployable and to make coffee for a living. At least it isn’t retail, right? Yay Classics!!
Todd Pierce-Ryan - B.A. Classical Civilization
I hope to get a job as a paralegal type to gain some experience in the legal profession, and concentrate on law school applications (Michigan, Harvard, Northwestern). Immediately following graduation, I will be taking off for two weeks to tour the British Isles with my brother.

Carl Pogoncheff - B.A. in Classical Archaeology
Plans to attend the UofM Dental School
Sara Powers - B.A. Classical Archaeology

Matthew Robishaw - Latin Minor
Joseph Rowley - B.A. Classical Civilization

Going to law school.

Julie Sachs - Latin Minor
I will be working as an actuarial associate at Hewitt Associates in Lincolnshire, Illinois.
David Satterthwaite - B.A. Classical Archaeology

Alice Shukla -Modern Greek Minor

Following graduation, I will be working as a U.S. State Dept intern in Thessaloniki, Greece for Summer 2005. In the fall, I will be attending a American University in Washington, DC to pursue a joint MA/JD degree in International Communications and International Law.

Brett Sickler - Archaeology Minor
Robert Stephan - B.A. Classical Archaeology

This summer I will be excavating in Cyprus before jumping across the Mediterranean to study the worked ceramic sherds of (Greek) Sicily. Next I will be studying Greek and Latin during a Post Baccalaureate year at the University of Cincinnati and continuing on to a Ph.D. program after that. Finally, I will be ready to decipher the location of the Lost Ark and Holy Grail, returning these important artifacts to their rightful place, the Kelsey Museum of Archaeology... after all, it belongs in a museum!!

Charles Weihman - B.A. Classical Civilization
Elizabeth Wolfram - B.A. Classical Archaeology

Recipient of the Classical Archaeology Prize
I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the professors who have made my time here in the classics department at U of M such a wonderful experience. I would also like to thank my parents, Mary and Gary Wolfram, who have supported me through all my endeavors in college. It is to all of you that I owe the opportunity to attend UNC Chapel Hill in the fall to pursue my studies of Roman provincial archaeology.
Tracy Yip - B.A. Classical Archaeology
Going to law school next year, but i’m not exactly sure which school right now.

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