Student Testimony

Don’t believe that Classics is a great department? Just read these quotes from our students and hear what they have to say!

“I really do feel like there is a sense of community here. It’s a small enough department that I feel by the end of it I’ll know most of the people here, not just be a number for a statistic.” -- Classical Archaeology student

In April 2004, the Department had a record number of 133 undergraduate students declared as either a major or a minor in the program.

“I really like feeling that I am able to approach my advisor with any concern I may have. I also like having the opportunity to volunteer a lot in the department with events. Personal access to the library and lounge are added perks too. Some departments don’t have that.” -- Classical Archaeology student

“The access we have to resources, study abroad opportunities, the reputation of our faculty and program as a whole make me proud to be doing what I am doing. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else!” -- Classical Archaeology student

“Our program teaches us to think critically, rather than trying to teach us what to think.” -- Classical Language and Literature student

“I like the personal attention here. I know most of the lang&lit concentrators and most of the professors in the department. The department is very personable and willing to help students and to let students try and challenge themselves.” -- Classical Language and Literature student

“The smartest people study the classics. We know each other and are friendly within the department. Classicists have the best chances to get into top med and law schools. There’s something for everybody in the department – We have history, art and architecture, literature of all sorts, and anything else. It’s not just one mode of thought, but an assembly of everything.” -- Classical Language and Literature student

“I have learned an immense amount though this degree program. And a lot of the learning is not only valuable information, but interesting and fun. I also feel that Classical Studies does a good job of creating a hands-on experience to aid in learning. Many of my courses have used artifacts and the Kelsey Museum to support what is being taught.” -- Classical Archaeology student

“I am learning not only about history, but also language, law and current events in my Classics courses” -- Classical Archaeology student

“Most of my favorite classes have been in this department which is really nice. I’m pre-med and although I still want to take care of people, I can’t say I love organic chemistry or physics. I love history and I love classic civilization. Fulfilling my pre-med requirements was great because it made room for more classics civ courses.” – Classical Civilization student

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