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Undergraduates in all of our courses at all levels have the opportunity to evaluate their courses, instructional materials and also their instructors in the form of confidential evaluations at the end of each term. However, the undergraduate experience at Michigan is not only one of courses and instruction, it is also a communal experience, and one we want to make as enriching and enjoyable as possible for each individual. The survey below is intended as a means for you to provide us with your feedback in how we could make this experience a better one, in terms of your daily interactions in our corridors and offices, your interface with us in person and electronically, and in the long run in terms of your home away from home in a large university.

Undergraduate Survey

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Year (Please Select) Freshmen Sophomore Junior Senior

Have you officially declared your concentration?: Yes No
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Concentration: Minor:

How did you learn about our Department? (Choose all that apply):

Academic Advisor
College Bulletin
Took a Classics class
Other, please explain:

In the following questions, please detail your experience in Classics:

1) On the whole, have you had a positive experience with the Department of Classical Studies?
Yes No

2) Was information about course offerings, concentrations and minors clearly presented and made available to you?
Yes No

3) Did faculty and staff respond to your queries in a prompt and helpful manner?
Yes No

4) Was there sufficient information provided, or meetings held, to advertise graduate school, fieldwork, or study abroad opportunities?
Yes No

5) Were you able to make contact with faculty advisors when you needed to?
Yes No

6) Do you like the undergraduate component of the Department’s website?
Yes No

7)Were you pleased with the overall level of student services in the Department?
Yes No

8) Have you participated in the Undergraduate Classics Club (Factio) and has this participation contributed in a positive way to your experience of the Department?
Yes No

9) What do you most enjoy about the Department?

10) What, in your opinion, could the Department do for undergraduate students that it is not currently doing?

11) Are there any particular courses, or other activities, that you would like the Department to offer?

12) Please check the box next to all the resources you have utilized or activities participated in:

Office Hours
Classical Studies Library (2175 Angell Hall)
Reading Room (2029C Tisch Hall)
Graduate School Information Session
Fieldwork Information Session
Study Abroad Info Session
Factio Meetings (Classics Student Association)
Coffee Hour Chats
Movie Nights
Department Lectures
Visited the Kelsey Museum of Archaeology

13) What are your plans for after graduation?

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