Christian on campus

" By this shall all men know that You are my disciples,
if you have love for one another "
John 13:35


Home Meetings

Home meetings are held every Friday and Saturday night all year long. There are several local families that live near the campus who open up their homes, hearts, and refigerators to the students. For many students, their home meeting becomes like a home away from home where they can look forward to a home cooked meal and support and shepherding from older Christians. Most home meetings begin eating at 7:00 and then have an hour or so of fellowship; which could include singing, reading, or praying for each other. These families have a real love for the Lord and for students. It's also a great time for the students to get to know each other in a more meaningful way. We hope you can join us this weekend for dinner!


Upcoming events

Fall 2013

Freshmen Ice Cream Event

-Ice Cream social with incoming freshmen students during summer orientation weeks at the Nicols Arboretum. See calendar for date and time.
-Regular Friday and Saturday night meetings for dinner and fellowship at 6:45pm (please contact us for locations)

Bible Studies
We will be going through an overview of the entire New Testament

- Mondays 6-7pm on North Campus Pierpont Commons in the Corner Room. Please contact us if you don't know where it is or ask the front desk at Pierpont
- Thursdays 6-7pm on Central Campus Michigan League in the Blagdon Room (1st Floor). Please contact us if you don't know where it is or ask the front desk at the League
- Individual Appointments with a few students to get into the Word are always welcome! Please contact us at with your availability.