Christian on campus

" By this shall all men know that You are my disciples,
if you have love for one another "
John 13:35

"Unless a grain of wheat falls into the ground and dies, it abides alone; but if it dies, it bears much fruit." (John 12:24 )

"The Lord Provides"

When I came to my first meeting, I had been seeking the Lord for a while. I had know Him for as long as I can remember, but over the years I had drifted away from Him. For a while, I believed that I did not need Him. But through hardship and by maturing as I experienced life, I realized that God was my only reliable source of strength. I wanted to draw near Him again. But by then I had no idea how. For a few years, I lived with this frustration, which grew within me. I asked the Lord repeatedly how I can be closer to Him again. Through a strange turn of events (which were rather unexpected and unfortunate at the time), I came to live with a sister in Christ. By the time she explained her church to me, I was already interested and asked the Lord if this strange turn of events was His design in answer to my prayers.

I knew I wanted to attend, but still I was hesitant. School work and simple doubt held me back. But one week I decided to try a meeting. I would never find out what it was like otherwise. At the meeting, what I saw was people who were full of Christ. They weren't perfect, flawless beings but normal people with enthusiasm for Christ, who strove to have Christ in their lives. I felt no pressure to be any certain way except to be myself. People at all levels of faith were assembled and accepted as they were.

Since then, I have been going to the meetings fairly regularly (as time allows), and have grown in my knowledge of Christ. I know that throughout my life I will go through many experiences - both good and bad - but I know that the Lord will be with me through all of it. He has drawn me near Him, and I have been blessed with His presence and His company. Thank you, Lord.

So Young

"God is Love"

My name is Craig and all I have to say is the Lord has loved me tremendously. This may seem like a weird statement, especially coming from a man, but... this is just how He has touched me.

There have been many instances in my life where I was some how in a jam, and just by praying "Lord help me " miraculously something happened to let me know that there is a God that hears my prayers and is looking out for me. It is comforting to know that the Lord God Almighty, King of Kings, and Lord of Lords loves me My testimony today is for me to say that He loves you. God is love.

Craig (God-man)

"Home Away From Home"

Tired of dorm food? Need a break from studying? Then come on over to our house for a refreshing home-cooked meal!

Ever since my husband and I moved to Ann Arbor two years ago, we've been opening our home (and fridge and pantry!) to students who would like to meet with other Christians for food, fellowship and mutual encouragement.

It has been such a blessing to our family and I've really enjoyed meeting so many students from all over the world! Watching them grow in their love and pursuit of our dear Lord Jesus is an indescribable joy to me.

The Christian life is exciting, dynamic, challenging and fulfilling. Come grow with us and enjoy your "home away from home"!



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Upcoming events

Fall 2013
-Regular Friday and Saturday night meetings for dinner and fellowship at 6:45pm (please contact us for locations)

Bible Studies
We will be going through an overview of the entire New Testament

- Mondays 6-7pm on North Campus Pierpont Commons in the Corner Room. Please contact us if you don't know where it is or ask the front desk at Pierpont
- Thursdays 6-7pm on Central Campus Michigan League in the Blagdon Room (1st Floor). Please contact us if you don't know where it is or ask the front desk at the League
- Individual Appointments with a few students to get into the Word are always welcome! Please contact us at with your availability.