Academic And Educational Related Sites

This page contains links to several academic related WWW sites. Some of the pages are student pages from various universities, some are sponsored by government agencies, and the rest are corporate America's contribution to education. Many of the pages contain links to other sites of related interest. We hope you enjoy!

Academic Net

The Information Network for those interested in technology-mediated instruction and learning in higher education. Site incorporates courses, faculty collaboration, a research library, and academic news concerning technology instruction and learning in higher education. Each of these categories further provides links to other sites of concern for those interested in learning more about mediated education.

Adult Distance Education Internet Surf Shack

Decent site. Very good education links but the graphics are poor and don't really fit with the general idea of the page. The site focuses on continuing education on the Internet.

American Fidelity's Education World

The World's Educational Resource of the Web. Topics including Distance Education (K12, universities, etc.), Continuing Education's, and Student's Resources are examples of links on this site. Excellent, up-to-date information and current events are also included.

The Apple Virtual Campus

An excellent site which meshes the differing missions of Apple Computer into one cohesive vision for future universities and technology. A must see.

Bowling Green State University

"Multimedia and the Web: Becoming an Expert on the Internet and WWW." This page is from a course that introduces students to the incredible and growing variety of multimedia services now available via the Internet and World Wide Web (e-mail, Usenet, file search and retrieval, gopher, WAIS, HTML, etc.) The page also has an array of links to other educational sites.

California State University (Cal State) Fullerton

This page links to other sites such as pictures | home pages | graphic resources | words on pictures | teaching resources | media resources | royalty free work | creativity/critical thinking site

Calumet College at York University

This site hopes to serve the 'cyber' community by offering an informative and ergonomic locus of resources and avenues that provides the instruments necessary to comprehend and navigate through the social implications of the technical innovations laid out before us.


The Association for Managing and Using Information Resources in Higher Education. Gives valuable information on technology, services, and information resources, including the CAUSE library and publications. Concerns for professional development are also addressed.

Classroom Connect Virtual Auditorium

This online forum was created to allow educators, students, and parents from around the world to participate in live, interactive conferences. Special events are scheduled every month of interest for educational purposes. This chat room is effective at contributing to new thoughts and ideas.

College Net

College Net has, without a doubt, some of the nicest graphics I've seen on the WWW however, it does not make up a major hole in content. The great thing about College Net is that prospective students can go to the web site of almost any university and they can search for financial aid. The problem is that one of the major attractions to the site is the students can register online but the majority of schools are in Australia. So, until there are more US schools or at very least some big names (Ivy Leagues, etc.), College Net will remain unimpressive.


"Welcome to the Virtual Institute of Information Link Pages." Here, you can browse through a collection of links by category, perform a keyword search, or add new links or new categories.

The Commonwealth of Learning

The Commonwealth of Learning is unfortunately not a good site. The idea behind the commonwealth is that its fifty-three members can develop standards for learning and education but no visitor will ever realize that since the site is so unclear.

December Communications Inc.

This page contains pointers and descriptions of resources and reference material useful in the study of Computer-Mediated Communication. This information includes coverage of the broader area of communication, specific topics such as MOO activity, and related areas of study such as Human-Computer Interaction (HCI).

Digital Campus InfoCenter

The Campus Info Center promotes ideas concerning the world of education, and links that represent important findings and organizations. Extra Credits is a page just for fun, and the Alta-Vista Forum on education provides discussion topics and forums. "Digital Sites" contains links that may be of interest to educators.

Digital Campus: Home of Link, The College Magazine

This is beautiful, well designed, and easy to use site. Link Magazine is one that I have seen around campus but never looking as good as it does on this site. Enjoy the fun links and the digital tour of campus.

Educational Resource Links

Provides general categories for exploration concerning education, such as computer learning, classroom resources, distance learning, among many others. SAIC's Education Technology Services Team focuses on bringing advanced technology to school.


Educom is a group of higher education institutions that is helping the assimilation of technology into teaching, learning, and research. Their Web site has nice, comfortable graphics and easy to use navigation.


Exploring technology and school reform. With EdWeb, one is able to learn about innovation in school policy and development, examine real-life achievements in schools employing computer technology and resources, and also categories concerning the role of WWW in education, and educational reforms in the 21st century.

The George Lucas Education Foundation

This site is a disappointment. Although it is interesting to see how private foundations operate, we expect more than this from the Special Effects King. The site is neither laid out well nor easy to understand.

Educational Consultants

Quality Resources and Services for all Educators. Provides online resources, workshops and training. This site is very comprehensive, involving many links such as higher education and K12 resources, educational leadership, and other quality sites. Covers many topics.

Global Network Academy

Helping distance learners find what they are looking for. This site is dedicated to providing a competitive marketplace online for distance learning courses and programs. Creates lists incorporating discussion forums and maintenance of a help-wanted database to connect educational institutions and teachers.

The Global Schoolhouse

Internet Resources for Educators. Gives interesting outlooks on new projects developed with schools and the impact of the Net in mind, such as Net Day. Also, new organizations are highlighted for their achievements in contributing to ongoing education.


"Virtual Communities on the Internet." This site offers an in-depth tour of selected virtual communities from the vast range of those available over the Internet. The site has links to other educational pages.

IBM Global Campus

IBM emphasizes worldwide educational resources, including Information Technology Training and courses. K-12 education and solutions, along with global higher education, are integrated with their products and services. Also, plans for wiring classrooms to the Internet are discussed.

The Internet University

Wow!!! This is a real university on-line, with courses to sign up for, links to study aids, tests to fail, and the thing. Extremely good graphics that are very easy on eyes and excellent follow up information regarding online education.


A site for compiling resources and discussion about the convergence of Internet and university and the radical reconfiguration of both. A collaboration of ideas with posting available, a bibliography for educational books, and an overview of workshops and conferences. How and where we are going on the Internet for education.

Knowledge Media Institute

The purpose of the Knowledge Media Institute is to push the boundaries of technology to the education field. What they should have done was push their pathetic effort at a web site further. Though nicely designed it difficult to use and glean any useful information out of it.

The Main Quad

The Main Quad is a Virtual Campus Community. The graphics are good and services are excellent and most of all who can argue with the

Microsoft in Education

Focuses on the importance of technology for educational advancement and improvement. Also, "The Connected Learning Community" is highlights their vision of education for the future. This vision incorporates the possibility of access to vast knowledge and how students can use various learning methods. Microsoft's products are integrated into each link for commercial purposes.


This site is from an interdisciplinary program for creative thinking about science-based, technological, and increasingly globally interdependent societies (or social institutions within larger societies) created over the past two centuries through cultural processes often labeled as those of 'modernity.' This page has links to other science, technology, and sociological sites.


This site is very user friendly and has decent graphics. The page gives a very good, in depth look at black and Hispanic universities and the issues that surround them such as scholarship money, federal funding, etc.

NCSA Education & Outreach Division

Provides links in cooperation with their mission to enable people to prepare for the future by investigating, applying, and transforming knowledge to technology. Hope is to build bridges between advanced technology and education, research and classroom learning, and scientists and students.

Online Educational Resources

Online Educational Resources page is an excellent site provided in part by NASA for the purpose of highlighting links to various programs and online resources for educators and students. School and Community Networking Resources and NASA Internet Education Resources are options among many to choose from.

SATLink Internet

Official Website of the Education SATLINK magazine and programming guide. Through SATLink Internet, educators can discover distance learning's potential to offer students and fellow educators experiences and resources otherwise beyond their reach. Instructional courses, network programs, and teleconferences are just a few of the topics you can learn about at this site.

Technology and Education Reform

A Research Project sponsored by the Office of Educational Research and the Improvement. Department of Education. This site addresses questions such as why technology is essential to supporting educational reform and how to use this technology to achieve its goals. Overviews of the rationale and approaches are given through an analysis of nine school sites.

The graphics and ease of use are somewhat foreign to this site but the links are excellent. That's about it, the page is just a plain, unexciting page of links.


"The Center for the Study of Online Community" seeks to present and foster studies that focus on how computers networks alter peoples capacity to form groups, organizations, institutions, and how those social formations are able to serve the collective interests of their members.

The University of Arkansas

This page is a hypertext index of major communication departments around the world.

The University of California at San Diego

This page is designed for scholars and students to provide interesting, useful, or even just thought-provoking links. The site links to other political, social, and technological pages.

University Information Bureau

This site is just a plug for a real world report put out by this organization on the universities in the US and internationally. The graphics aren't too great but the information they provide in the report seems very helpful and may even be worth your time to see it.

The University of Kansas

"Communication and New Technology." This site has student papers, cyberspace book reviews, and links to similar courses at other universities.

The University of Michigan

This page is a list of educational sites from colleges and universities in the state of Michigan. There is also links to other servers (non-profit, corporate, and private) ranging form real-estate listings to a social 'cafe.'

The University of Oslo

This page contains hypertext links to Media & Journalism Dept., Academic & Professional Media Organizations, Media-relevant Journals and Magazines, Search Magazines, and other philosophical, political, and sociological sites around the world.

The University of Southern California

"Journal of Computer-Mediated Communications." This page links with journal articles covering topics such as Emerging Law On The Electronic Frontier - Part 1 & 2, Play and Performance In CMC, and Electronic Commerce.

The University of Southern California (cont.)

This page is a hypertext index of papers and essays written by various scholars, students, and other authors dealing with the political, social, and technological aspects of Computer-Mediated Communication.

The University of Texas

"The World Lecture Hall" contains links to pages created by faculty worldwide who are using the Web to deliver class materials. For example, you will find course syllabi, assignments, lecture notes, class calendars, multimedia textbooks, etc.

The University of Wales, Aberystwyth (UWA)

This is a British-based gateway to Web resources useful in the academic study of media and communication. It has been described as "one of the very best UK sites" on the Web for media studies.

U. S. Department of Education

Presented by the National Library of Education. Serves to overview the nation's initiatives, programs and services, people and offices, an news to further develop a sense of awareness of where the educational opportunities are headed. Also, excellent resource for links to officials and other sites.

The Virtual Institute of Information

The tag line for this Web site is, "The Ultimate Source for Telecommunications, Cyber-communications, and Mass Media Research." They don't let you down. A relatively easy, albeit boring graphically and technologically, page of links covering information from culture to Virtual Worlds.