University of Michigan 58 Greene A Cappella
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Love to sing?! Come out and audition for 58 Greene. Fall auditions are by appointment and last for about 5-7 minutes. Please contact the Communications Chair Zack Tlumak at to schedule an audition. If you are seeing this last minute please do not be discouraged. Just show up and we will work something out. We're looking for all voice parts, so come out and show us what you've got.

We are looking forward to Fall 2012 auditions, see you all there!

Any questions please e-mail

We all remember how nervous we were during our auditions for 58 Greene, but RELAX! We will do everything we can to make you feel part of the family. Your musical background, style and voice part don't matter. We just want you to bring yourself to the table!

What to Expect at Your Audition

Generally, auditions last for seven minutes. There's a brief Bio sheet you'll need to fill out before the audition, so plan to arrive a few minutes early.


We'll start by asking you to sing us an ascending and descending scale, a cappella, so we can get a sense of your range. You can sing them on any syllable you'd like.

Tonal Memory

We'll test your tonal memory by playing a series of notes and having you sing the pattern back to us. You can have it repeated as many times as you'd like, so take a deep breath and don't stress.


Don't be scared! If you learn better by ear, your sight-reading will improve as you practice with us.


This is the fun part of the audition. Please prepare a short solo that best showcases your voice. Pick something you're comfortable singing and that displays your voice/range. This is your chance to really throw down and show us what you've got!