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Constance Cho

Constance Cho

Graduation Year: 2010

Position(s) Held: Musical Director

Major: Anthropology (Minor: Museum Studies)

Idol(s): My mom (aka Momma Cho lol) Mariah Carey, Jazmine Sullivan, Ne-Yo, Beyonce, I could go on and on...

Guilty Pleasures: Coffee Ice Cream and Sleeping in!!

Favorite Board Game: I don't think it's considered a board game but - Taboo

Favorite 90s TV Show: Saved By the Bell!!

Theme Song to Your Life: Hmmm it's always changing of course..but right now I've Got a Feelin' by Black Eyed Peas

Describe your perfect date: Eating lots of good food, watching a really good movie, and then going to a pet store to play with puppies

If you were a vegetable, what would you be and why?: I'd be celery - honestly, there isn't really any good reason as to why - all i know is that peanut butter and raisins tastes so good on celery....oh, and so does ranch.

Random Fact: My favorite color is GREEN - I've got green headphones, a green phone, a green ipod, a green backpack, green nail polish - I try not to be too obsessive...but I just. can't. help it. =)

Constance Cho Constance Cho Constance Cho