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Patrick James Wolfe Fromuth

Patrick James Wolfe Fromuth

Graduation Year: 2011

Position(s) Held: Business Manager

Major: Bachelor of Theatre Arts with a Concentration in Business

Idol(s): Beyonce, Bill Clinton, Ralph Williams, My Brother & Sister.

Guilty pleasure(s): Bill Clinton's Swaggah, Beyonce's Weave, Belting, Belgian Waffles, Alliteration, Q-tips, Girls, and Disney.

Favorite board game: Mouse Trap

Favorite 90s TV show: Power Rangers, Done & Done.

Theme song to your life: Space Jam... Obviously.

Describe your perfect date and/or where you would take them: Humor and intellect are the ways to my heart. I need someone who can keep up with me, and throw me for a loop. I'd take that certain someone out on my boat for some waterskiing and enjoying the outdoors eventually ending in an all out smore session snugglin' by the fire

If you were a vegetable, what would you be and why?: Eggplant because it is the shape of my ideal woman... aka Beyonce.

Random Facts: I Believe Shambles is a Way of Life...My Mother is a Force of Nature, My Father is My Hero. I am all of my friend's #1 Fan, I am going to be a producer on Broadway in the next 20 years, and I ignore all rules for Capitalization and Ellipses.

Patrick James Wolfe Fromuth Patrick James Wolfe Fromuth