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Madelyn Grant

Madelyn Grant

Position: Soloist Extraordinaire

Semester in 58 Greene: 2nd

Year: Freshman

Major: Marine Biology? Maybe?

Idol(s): Etta James

Guilty Pleasures: saying 'just kidding' wayyyy too often

Favorite Board Game: Is Words With Friends a board game? If so.. YES

Favorite 90s TV Show: Fresh Prince

Theme Song to Your Life: Any Mumford and Sons songs ;)

Describe your perfect date: A Mumford and Sons concert, a nice dinner, and just keeping it pretty chill

If you were a vegetable, what would you be and why?: I would be a carrot, because they're so cruchable :D

Random Fact: I have literally hundreds of different pairs of tights to go with my outfits. HUNDREDS.

Madelyn Grant Madelyn Grant Madelyn Grant