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Elliott Polakoff

Elliott Polakoff

Graduation Year: 2011

Position(s) Held: Historian

Major: Communications with minors in Sociocultural Anthropology and Spanish

Idol(s): My parents, Steve Nash, Vladimir Guerrero, Jackie Robinson, Dalai Lama, U2

Guilty Pleasures: Watching little kids television shows, chocolate strawberries

Favorite board game: Cranium

Favorite 90s TV Show: Saved By The Bell

Theme song to your life: My Life Your Entertainment (TI and Usher)

Perfect Date and/or where you would take them: My perfect date would involve some kind of sports game and the girl being able to talk at least a little about what's going on. But I would probably take someone to a laid-back concert, a movie, or the Arb, because all those places are great ways to relax while getting to know someone.

If you were a vegetable, what would you be and why? If I were a vegetable: Cucumber, because they are a good addition to anything, like me! Haha just kidding, I swear I'm not that vain.

Random Facts: I have had lunch with Fidel Castro, I like Hannah Montana, and I have a crush on the character Ginny in Harry Potter (but not really the actual Ginny in the movies).

Elliott Polakoff Elliott Polakoff Elliott Polakoff