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Olivia Sitto

Olivia Sitto

Graduation Year: 2010

Position(s) Held: Director

Major: Psychology and Communications

Idol(s): Larry David. Robert De Niro. My Ps.

Guilty pleasure(s): Crepes. Christina Aguilera's 1999 album. Jerry Stiller's rants.

Favorite board game: Taboo! ...does that count? If not, Life

Favorite 90s TV show: Saved by the Bell, minus episodes based around Screech or Jessie

Theme song to your life: Lauryn Hill - Everything is Everything

Describe your perfect date and/or where you would take them: I just want to be serenaded... by a guy with dark hair... on top of a mountain... is that really too much to ask? :)

If you were a vegetable, what would you be and why?: Broccoli because it has big hair and it's green(e) ;)

Thoughts from our Mama: Look at people's elbows when you high five - never fails

Olivia Sitto Olivia Sitto Olivia Sitto