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Paul Jin Woo Lee

Paul Jin Woo Lee

Position: Musical Director 2010-2011, Director 2012

Semester in 58G: 8th

Year: Senior

Major: Psychology, Music Minor

Idol(s): Antwaun Stanley, T-Pain, PitBull

Guilty pleasure(s): Every Rom Com

Favorite board game: Ticket to Ride

Favorite 90s TV show: Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. No competition.

Theme song to your life: Flux by Bloc Party

Describe your perfect date and/or where you would take them: Skydiving while riding an elephant dressed in rainbow unicorn pajamas. Obviously the elephant has multiple parachutes to break its fall.

If you were a vegetable, what would you be and why?: EGGPLANT. NO REASON NEEDED.

Random Fact: I am a TURTLE.

Paul Jin Woo Lee Paul Jin Woo Lee Paul Jin Woo Lee