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Our Mission

The mission of the Center is to expand, leverage and disseminate its core knowledge of entrepreneurial finance, venture capital and private equity investment for the benefit of its constituent community. This community includes university students, alumni and staff, entrepreneurs, managers, and investors, as well as public policy makers whose decisions affect the environment for entrepreneurship and equity investment.

The value created for the Center's community comes from a better understanding of how to form, finance and develop entrepreneurial, innovative fast growth-oriented companies, whether as start-ups, expanding companies, or as recapitalized, restructured or redirected entities. Programs of research, teaching and involvement with practitioners are offered to encourage the channeling of equity capital to build companies, and to harvest and recycle capital in new, emerging fields of opportunity.

The Center's objective is to encourage an increasing rate of sustainable growth of jobs, income and wealth creation by encouraging entrepreneurial activity in local, regional, national and international markets. As an integral part of the University of Michigan Business School, the Center is uniquely positioned to influence private sector practices and public policy toward this mission and objective.

The Center was started with a generous gift, from the Parsons family, Michael Stark, J. Robert Dobbins, Jim Daverman and David Shelby, alumni of the University of Michigan Business School, and practitioners in the field. The Center has also received continued support from other benefactors from the venture capital and private equity field, including Ted Doan, Ian Bund, David Arscott and William Baumel.

The Center continues to support its activities through proceeds from programs and the sponsorship of symposia.

Our Community

The Office serves a community which includes:

  • Students, alumni, faculty and staff of the University of Michigan

  • Entrepreneurs and owner/managers of fast growth-oriented companies, especially technology-based companies in "knowledge industries," the key to US long term economic growth.

  • Venture capital and private equity investors, both individual and institutional, oriented to equity-based financing for entrepreneurial firms at all stages of their growth, development, restructuring and harvest.

  • Public policy makers at Federal, State and Local levels of government who wish to create an environment in the US conducive to long term economic growth and the encouragement of entrepreneurship in firms and institutions of all sizes and types.

  • Communications and information media interested in increasing involvement in issues involved in long term economic growth.


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