DAAP's Program:

Equal Access to Higher Education

  • Reverse the drop in black, Latina/o, and Native American student enrollment at the University of Michigan now.
  • Undo Prop 2 -- Restore Affirmative Action
  • Create a University of Michigan and statewide Dream Act -- In-state tuition for undocumented students & access to all public, private and U of M scholarships and financial aid; Pass the federal Dream Act.
  • Defend Public Education; Stop tuition hikes and increase financial aid programs. Oppose Congressional cuts to student grants and loan programs.
  • Eliminate the SAT, ACT, and other biased and discriminatory standardized tests in the U-M admissions processes, and adopt a more wholistic approach, in order to create equal opportunity and greater access to our university for minority, women, poor, and middle-class students of all races.

Fight Racism, Discrimination and Hostile Campus Climate

  • Investigate, expose and take action against racism, sexism, sexual harassment, anti-Semitism, anti-Arab and anti- Muslim prejudice, anti-Asian Pacific American, anti-lgbt bigotry, and all degradation and bigotry on campus.
  • When a student is attacked in the residence halls based on race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, class or gender identity, the perpetrator should be forced to leave the dorm or face disciplinary consequences, not the recipient of the hate crime or speech.
  • Make UM a sanctuary campus and Ann Arbor a sanctuary city —- defend and protect immigrant students and community members from ICE threat; No University or city cooperation with ICE investigations, harassment, or deportations.
  • End Department of Public Safety (DPS) & Michigan Union discriminatory policies against social events in the Union - specifically those sponsored by black & Latina/o student groups.
  • Stop rape and sexual assault —- No blaming the victim.
  • Fight for full and equal rights for LGBT people. Build the movement to reverse the ban on gay marriage in Michigan, California and across the nation. • Support GEO and LEO in their negotiations with the University. Support the unionization effort of Graduate Student Research Assistants (GSRAs). Build an alliance of students, teachers and workers on campus. Stop privatization of U of M services.

Build the International Struggle for Equality

  • Call for withdrawal of all U.S. forces from Iraq and Afghanistan.
  • Oppose the war hysteria against Iran
  • Build the new politically independent environmental movement united with the international struggle for civil rights and immigrant rights movement in the fight to solve the environmental crisis.