Research Team

Patricia Deldin, Ph.D.
Lab Director
Jennifer Goldschmied, M.S.
Jen's research interests include the effects of sleep loss on mood and emotional processing. Her current research investigates the effects of a brief, midday nap on impulsive decision-making and emotional reactivity, and the effects of slow-wave sleep disruption on the recognition of emotional stimuli.
Savanna Savanna Mueller, M.S.
Lisa O'Donnell, MSW
Lisa’s research interests include functional impairments in severe mental illness with a specific interest in occupational outcomes. Her current research investigates neurocognitive deficits found in bipolar disorder
  Tyler Grove, M.S.
Tyler is interested in how emotion, sensory, and cognitive processing affect social functioning across serious mental illness (e.g., schizophrenia and bipolar disorder).
  Ryan Cardinale, M.S.
Ryan's research interests include sleep and emotion regulation in mood disorders. He is particularly interested in the relationship between sleep and postive affect.
  Zarina Kraal, M.S.
Zarina’s research interests are wide-ranging and include the relationships between inflammation, vascular and metabolic function, and neuropsychological functioning across depression, bipolar, and schizophrenia spectrum disorders. She is also interested in neuropsychological performance and functional outcomes in psychiatric disorders and chronic health conditions. She is especially interested in examining how factors such as resilience and coping mediate these relationships.

Cecilia Votta, B.A.
Cecilia's research interests focus on emotion regulation difficulties transdiagnostically. Specifically, she is interested in how underlying cognitive mechanisms might impact emotion regulation in individuals who struggle with emotion regulation.

Solana Gillis, Research Assistant
Solana is an undergraduate research assistant majoring in Psychology at the University of Michigan. Her research interests lie in Major Depressive Disorder and anxiety disorders. After she finishes her undergraduate degree she hopes to attend graduate school and pursue a career in the mental health field.