Re: isode

Fri, 23 Sep 94 19:53:03 EDT

> Where can I get the source? /usr/local/src isn't permitted on terminator

> /tmp is full, and my quota is too low to snag the built stuff that way.

> archie requests are timing out. so I can't find it that way.

> Or do I need the isode stuff if I don't want to build the ldap server?

> -brian

>Brian W. Spolarich
>UM ITD User Services (313) 747-
>Online Consulting Systems Project

Dear Brian:

Try in the isode directory. Isode 8 should be there. It has been
awhile, but you do need some of the libraries and include files of ISODE. I
think you are forced to build Quipu, but don't quote me.

Hope this helps,
Andrew Francis