Microsoft Windows LDAP DLL news
Fri, 02 Dec 1994 11:37:13 -0500

For these who are doing LDAP work for MS Windows -- last night I built
a new LIBLDAP.DLL based on the 3.1b7 sources. I have put together a
.ZIP archive available here:

that contains these files:

README - self-explanatory, I hope!
LIBLDAP.DEF - module definition file for the LIBLDAP DLL
LIBLDAP.DLL - LDAP dynamic link library (contains LBER library too)
LIBLDAP.LIB - import library for LIBLDAP.DLL
LTEST.EXE - simple, ugly port of the Unix ltest program

The build was done under Windows 3.1 with Microsoft Visual C++ 1.0. We
are interested in:

changes needed to build the DLL using other compilers, especially
Borland C++

changes needed to build a 32-bit/WIN32 DLL (for Windows '95 & Windows NT)

There are some preliminary changes for WIN32 in the 3.1b7 library
sources (thanks to Kevin Lussier from NASA), but more changes are
probably needed. Please send project/make files and any code changes


-Mark Smith
U of M X.500 Directory Project