Re: ldap and solaris 2.x

Eric Rosenquist (
Fri, 9 Dec 1994 08:03:32 -0500 (EST)

> > I am curious as to which define I should use to key the Solaris changes.
> > Should I use #ifdef sunos5, or should I try to be clever and use
> > pre-processor defines? __svr4__ && __sun__ would do it and should also be
> > true for Solaris 2.x on x86 with gcc (ie, we should avoid using
> > __sparc__), but I am not sure if those are true for the many Sun compilers
> > for this platform...
> I would suggest using something like a more generic SVR4 name. I would
> almost make this behaviour the default as BSD-type environments are
> pretty-much the exception these days.
> Alan Young.

One of our developers is in the process of building 3.1b7 under
UnixWare 1.1.2 (SysVR4.2), so that will provide another set of SVR4
defines to work with.

I tend to agree with Paul Wain and would rather see a special symbol
defined in the platform-specific Make-platform file. A symbol like
__svr4__ in particular would be defined for too wide a range of
platforms to be directly useful (Solaris 2.x, USL SVR4.0 [Dell Unix
etc], USL SVR4.2 [UnixWare], etc).

If there is a difference between Solaris 2.X and 2.Y that needs to be
#ifdef'd, I'd define another symbol like 'sunos5_2_3' or 'solaris_2_3'
and use it in cases where I needed to distinguish.

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