ldap-3.1 Beta 8

Fri, 16 Dec 1994 18:19:00 -0500

Release 3.1 Beta 8 of the U-M LDAP distribution is now available from


Please note that this is a beta relase. Only take it if you intend
to try it out and provide feedback to us.

Take a look at the ANNOUNCEMENT and README files in the distribution
for more details on what's in this version and how to make and
install it. Look at the CHANGES file for a summary of changes
since the beta 7 release (and since 3.0).

Major changes since 3.1b7 are:

- changed not to use the bsd compatible junk under solaris
- support for linux, netbsd, vms added
- added ufn support to go500, go500, finger, rcpt500
- added certificate support in ldapd (from Eric Rosenquist)
- added new ldapmodrdn tool
- added saucer to contrib/ section (from Eric Rosenquist)
- various man page fixes/updates
- a few bug fixes and porting changes

We are planning to make release 3.1 by December 23. To do this we
need as much feedback as possible as soon as possible, so give it
a try and let us know what you think!

-- Tim Howes and Mark Smith