Quipu and LDAP

Sun, 1 Jan 95 18:36 +0000

Hi all.

I have a Quipu server running under Linux using Isode and am having
problems getting any LDAP client to talk to it. I have tried both
WinDua and Swix using both the umich binaries and compiling the
libraries using Visual C++, but no joy.

I am running the Quipu server on a Linux 1.0.9 box on a 486-DX2 66
compatible and am trying to access using Windows 3.1/3.11 clients that
use Trumpet Winsock.

Whenever I try to connect I get a Unable to Bind, Unknown error on the
Windows machine and TNetAccept: [Protocol Error] pn the Linux machine.
A TcpDump and Netstat shows that the machines attempt to talk using the
correct ports but after a few messages we get this error.

I have no problem telnetting and ftping using Winsock to the Linux box
and I can use fred/dish locally to access the Quipu server. The dish
connects okay using TCP port 17003 and I am set up to use
as my ip address.

Has anyone connected ldap to quipu? Is it possible? What have I
forgotten to do? Any suggestions would be very gratefully received.

Paul <sysop@mkbbs.co.uk>