Re: T.61<->iso8859-1 (or whatever) conversions

Michael Gsandtner (
Wed, 1 Mar 1995 13:28:49 +0100 (MET)

> > Hi, I'm wondering where to put T.61 handling in an LDAP client. Has
> > anyone done this? Experiences? I asked this ldap@umich at first, but
> > Tim Howes is on vacation:
> >
I asked this some times ago. Here is Mark Smith's answer:

> Again my question: What's about T.61 <-> ISO8859 conversion ?

We feel it is inappropriate to do any conversion in the ldap server
(unless the protocol were changed to deal with the whole character set
issue). It is not necessarily the case the ISO8859 is any better than
T.61 for some people. At this point, we are not going to be able to
include any character set mapping in the ldap 3.1 release, but we will
investigate these things to help clients do it for future releases:

1. providing conversion routines in the LDAP library
2. using the routines in the clients included with our LDAP releases
3. implementing an option so that the conversion can be done for all
strings so client applications don't have to do any extra work