Re: win32

Mark Smith (
Fri, 07 Apr 1995 10:53:00 -0400

>From: (Eric Rosenquist)
> To: (LDAP Mailing List)
> > Has anyone built the ldap DLL for win32 or Windows NT? If so, is the DLL
> > available?
> Better yet, let's get the mods rolled into the next distribution. I made
> 3.0 work as a static Win32 library with minimal changes, but I haven't had
> time to convert the DLL load/unload stuff to Win32 as a proper DLL. Kevin
> Lussier <> did it for LDAP 3.0 - I'm not sure if
> he's tried 3.1 yet though.

Some 32-bit DLLs are available here (developed by NASA as part of their
efforts on the WDUA client):

32-bit DLL changes from Kevin Lussier were rolled into the LDAP 3.1
release. I am not sure if all the changes necessary to build it as a
32-bit DLL are in or not since I don't have an environment to build it
in myself. We ( are more than happy to take
any changes needed and try to get them in for the LDAP 3.2 release.